SunBell Smart

SunBell Smart offers 8 key functions in one product, making it the most high-performing and multi-functional product in its class.

A unique solar lantern and smartphone charger for everyday use!

SunBell Smart adds new features and additional battery capacity to the award-winning and multi-functional SunBell.

It invokes interest and emotional appeal, creating a “wow” factor with its users.

SunBell Smart is a high-quality and weatherproof lamp with more than 7 hours of light on full-power on a single charge.

It has an integrated USB charger that can be used to charge most smartphones.

Key features:

Solar charging
Multifunctional light
Light modes: Low – med – high
8 functions
Integrated USB charger
PAYG (optional)
Can also be charged with Wall charger or Car charger


Lighting Global Quality Standards